1. Business License

    Learn how to apply for a Business License in Powhatan County.

  2. Convenience Center

    Since the closing of the local landfill in 1986, Powhatan County has operated a convenience center which provides residents with an area in which to recycle and dispose of household solid waste refuse.

  3. County Facility Use Request

    Complete this form to schedule a meeting at one of our area facilities.

  4. Dog Licenses

    Find out how to obtain a dog license in Powhatan County.

  5. Emergency Management

    The Department of Emergency Management coordinates Powhatan County 's planning for, and the coordinated response to, significant natural, man-made, and terrorist incidents that exceed the normal day-to-day response capabilities of the county's emergency response system.

  6. GIS/Parcel Viewer

    Look up details on Global Information Systems in Powhatan.

  7. Marriage Licenses

    If you're looking to obtain a marriage license, visit this page to see what the Clerk's Office requires to issue one.

  8. Passports

    Passports are issued out of the Circuit Court office to those who follow the steps and have the required documents and fees.

  9. Real Estate Assessments

    Find real estate assessment information.

  10. Senior Resources

    Find local resources and information on health and aging, including assisted living, exercise classes, adult day care, and support groups.

  11. Voter Registration

    The Registrar offers information on voting and elections, including voting locations and documents.