Meet The Leadership Team

  1. Ted Voorhees, ICMA-CA, County Administrator

    Theodore L. Voorhees

    County Administrator, ICMA-CM
    Phone: 804-598-5612

  2. Randy Buzzard

    Director of Information Technology
    Phone: 804-598-1216

  3. Linda Jones

    Human Resources Manager
    Phone: 804-598-5798

  4. Catherine Pemberton

    Director of Social Services
    Phone: 804-598-5630

  5. Charla Schubert

    Director of Finance
    Phone: 804-598-5610

  1. Karen Bailey Alexander

    Director of Elections and Voter Registration
    Phone: 804-598-5604

  2. Ramona Carter, P.E., MPA

    Director of Public Works
    Phone: 804-598-5764

  3. Thomas Nolan

    Director of Public Safety Communications
    Phone: 804-598-5646

  4. Bret Schardein

    Director of Community Development
    Phone: 804-598-5621

  5. Steven Singer

    Fire & EMS Chief
    Phone: 804-598-5646

  1. Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser August 27, 2017

    Brick House Diner will host a spaghetti dinner fundraising event in honor of SA Mike Walter benefiting Blackhawk Gym. Read on...
  2. Powhatan Citizen Alert System

    Did you know Powhatan has a citizen alert system? Sign up is easy and free! Click to sign up
  3. Fire & Rescue Volunteers Needed

    Become a volunteer in Powhatan County. Read on...
  4. Traffic Alert at Powhatan State Park Entrance

  5. Wireless Broadband Update from SCS Broadband

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