Transportation Information

Everyone living and working in Powhatan County uses the local transportation network to reach their destinations. Roadways in Powhatan County are either:

  • Public roads maintained by the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT); or
  • Private roads maintained by adjacent landowners.

Powhatan County does not maintain any roadways, but partners with VDOT to help ensure that the local transportation network is safe and remains in a state of good repair.

Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT)

VDOT maintains public roads and monitors activities that occur within the public right-of-way (which is land under and adjacent to the road that is owned by VDOT). For example, VDOT:

  • Repaves and repairs existing state-maintained roadways;
  • Picks up litter along major state-maintained roadways;
  • Installs traffic-related signage along state-maintained roadways (except for street name signs); and
  • Approves driveways and other entrances that provide access to properties along state-maintained roadways.

Statewide, VDOT is divided into different districts and residencies, which provide services to a specific area. Powhatan County is within the Richmond District and is served by the Chesterfield Residency. To contact VDOT’s Chesterfield Residency, call (804) 674-2800.

Powhatan County

Powhatan County does not maintain any roadways, but will replace missing street name signs along state-maintained roads. If a street name sign is missing and/or needs to be replaced, contact the Department of Community Development at (804) 598-5621 and provide the location of the missing sign.

With support from VDOT, Powhatan County also reviews plans for new roadways constructed as part of new residential, commercial, and industrial developments. This review helps ensure that new roadways meet standards set forth in the County Code (Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Ordinance).

Upcoming Road Projects

Click here to view a list of VDOT projects planned or under construction in Powhatan County and the entire Richmond region.

Sometimes, VDOT and the Richmond Regional Transportation Planning Organization (RRTPO) have funding available for local governments interested in improving their transportation infrastructure. These competitive funding opportunities allow Powhatan County and other local governments to submit applications requesting money to build new roads, sidewalks, trails, and other transportation infrastructure, or to improve existing roadways.

Currently, VDOT is accepting applications from local governments seeking funding through its Smart Scale program. Powhatan County is working with VDOT to develop applications for potential roadway improvements that improve safety, reduce congestion, and implement recommendations made in the Comprehensive Plan. If any of the proposed projects are selected to receive funding, construction would not begin until 2024 or 2025.