Broadband Initiative

March 1, 2018 SCS Broadband Update: 

A community pole is proposed for installation in the Westlake community.  Marketing postcards and phone calls for the Mitchell Road tower area will be underway in March. American Tower assigned a staff member to expedite SCS Broadband leasing process for their towers. SCS is waiting on the response from SBA towers, with a high priority for two of their towers.

With the tower leasing situation improving, along with better weather, SCS predicts better progress over the next 2-3 months.

SCS Broadband is submitting a revised project time-frame, by tower and region, later this week, and a monthly status reporting system has been implemented for regular progress updates. 

Additionally, Powhatan County’s Administrator will be participating with Goochland County’s Administrator, and other communities, in a regional meeting with SCS Broadband to ascertain what can be done to accelerate deployment.

SCS Broadband website

October 26,2017 Wireless Update:

We are very pleased to announce that SCS broadband has installed equipment and is now signing up customers in close proximity to the County Tower located at 2407 Mitchell Rd, (next to the Convenience Center). If you live within 5 to 7 air miles (not road miles) of that location and are interested in this service, please follow the link below to their website to sign up for service and have SCS Broadband come to your house to determine your eligibility. 

Click Here to Sign Up

You Tube video of equipment installation: 

Click Here for Video of Installation

September 28, 2017 Wireless Update:

SCS has installed equipment onto the Mitchell Road tower, but there has been a delay with the Internet Service Provider that is provisioning the Fiber to that tower in providing them with the IP addresses needed to start the service.  This provider just happens to also have a lot of infrastructure in areas that were devastated by the recent hurricanes and has had to re-route a lot of their manpower to those areas.  We apologize for the delay in lighting up this first initial tower,but we hope to have it live soon.

May 22, 2017 Wireless Update:

Powhatan County through their partnership with SCS Broadband is working to complete the infrastructure needed to load and start service off of the first towers within the next 60 days. The planned initial towers are the County's Mitchell Road Tower, and a commercially owned tower off of Route 522 in the Jefferson area. SCS hopes to begin offering service plans to customers in these areas in early August 2017. Click here to be notified when service is available for your location. 

The Powhatan Broadband Initiative page provides information on methods of obtaining affordable high speed internet service.  The County conducted a broadband survey on the current status of Broadband availability for the homes and businesses in Powhatan County.

Click HERE for results. 

On January 23, 2016, SCS Broadband presented the Broadband Implementation Plan for Powhatan County to the Board of Supervisors. Powhatan County and SCS Broadband entered into a contract in September 2016 to bring wireless broadband to the county within the next year. SCS Broadband is planning to build out a network to bring internet to residents and businesses within the next year. Please click on the link below to be notified when service is available for your location.

Thank you and we are excited to get this project started.

1-23-17 BOS Regular Meeting with Broadband Implementation Plan Presentation at the 7:30 Mark