Proctoring Policy

Proctoring is provided as a service for PCPL patrons. PCPL cannot guarantee that the student will be under continuous supervision during the testing period. The PCPL proctor is limited to handing the exam to the student; timing the exam; and logging the student into an online exam using the institution-supplied login credentials. The proctor will collect the exam from the test-taker at the appointed time. PCPL staff may return the exam via US mail with student or institution-provided stamped, addressed envelope; via fax; or email.

PCPL staff cannot proctor online exams that require the installation of special software or the modification of existing computer settings on public PC’s. Students may opt to use their personal laptop, using PCPL-provided Wi-Fi. For online exams, students may use public computers with a maximum time limit of 3 hours to complete the exam.

The student is responsible for verifying with their institution that PCPL’s proctoring policy is acceptable.

The student must provide their educational institution’s proctoring requirements to the PCPL proctor prior to scheduling a test. The student is also responsible for making arrangements for the exam to be delivered to the PCPL proctor and to confirm receipt.

PCPL Proctoring Checklist for Students

  • Review PCPL proctoring service guidelines (above)
  • Verify proctoring requirements with educational institution
  • Provide educational institution’s proctoring requirements to PCPL proctor prior to scheduling
  • Confirm receipt of exam by proctor prior to appointment
  • Current PCPL card in good standing
  • Photo ID