Virtual Inspections

Virtual Inspections

Requirements for virtual inspections are as follows:

1.  Customers must have a smartphone or tablet connected to WiFi or 4G wireless service.

2.  Download the Zoom app to your iPhone or Android device.  This is a free app.   

3.  Third party engineers or third-party agencies must obtain approval prior to conducting a virtual inspection.  For approval, submit resumes and proof of certification to 

4.  Required test equipment for the type of inspection must be on hand and readily accessible.

5.  Have the County approved plans along with pen and paper for any notes.

Inspection Process

1.  Schedule your inspection as normal at 598-5622 Option #1, and note that you wish to have a virtual inspection performed.

2.  Prepare for your virtual inspection by having all the necessary tools available for the type of inspection requested.  For example, you may need a flashlight, GFCI tester, tape measure, step ladder, etc.  

3.  Make sure your device is fully charged.

4.  Turn all notification to "OFF" so that uninterrupted video will take place during the inspection. 

5.  Contact our office the morning of the inspection to arrange a time for the inspection.  A valid email address of the person performing the site inspection will be needed at this time.

6.  Monitor your email for the Zoom meeting request as your appointment time approaches.

7.  The email invitation with the meeting link will be sent at the closest time available to your appointment time, due to the nature of other inspections please allow a 30 minute grace period both before and after the agreed upon appointment time.

Ready for your Inspection?

1. Click on the meeting link in the email invitation.  Please make sure that your microphone and video are turned on, as well as your media volume so that you can hear the inspector.  

2.  Enter your name and click on "Join Meeting". 

3.  Click on "Join with video".

4.  Please wait while you are accepted into the meeting. 

5.  The meeting should begin with a street view of the structure or site, with the address and permit shown.

6.  Have the County approved plans accessible and ready to go over if needed.

7.  Walk through your inspection with your inspector, noting the following (if applicable):  

-Follow directions from your inspector, be courteous and lets work together.

-Walk the inspection in a clockwise direction.

-Walk the inspection from bottom to top with trades, and top to bottom when inspecting the load path for structural elements.

-Use test equipment as directed to test certain items, for example tripping GFCI receptacles.  

-Make notes of any items that may require corrections. 

Inspection Results

Your inspector will tell you in the video call if the inspection has passed or failed.  Notes made in the inspection should be reviewed and any questions asked during this time.  Results and any notes will be processed into our system by the end of the business day.  These results can be viewed at once they are entered.  If the inspection failed and it resulted in any re-inspect fees or not ready fees, this will be noted and require payment prior to the next inspection taking place.