Digital Books, Audios and Magazines

Digital Books, Audios & Magazines

Access PCPL's digital collection to check out e-books, e-audios, e-magazines and music to your computer, smartphone and tablet.
Books reviews and recommendations

Book Lists, Reviews & Recommendations

Search for your next read on NoveList, or read summaries and reviews, Bestseller lists and see user-generated book lists.
Taxes and Financial Literacy

Business, Finance & Tax

Information about federal and state taxes, and links to tax forms and instructions. Resources for retirement, home buying, debt and avoiding scams.
Employment and career development

Employment & Career Development

Resources for creating a resume, career assessments, filing unemployment, various employment-related virtual workshops and links to job search sites.
Federal, State and Local COVID-19 Resources

Federal, State & Local COVID-19 Resources

Resources in the Powhatan community and the federal and state governments. Includes information on wireless access, food pantries, and health guidelines for the pandemic.
GED and Continuing Education

GED & Continuing Education

Links to GED practice tests, study guides, learning tips, and preparation classes. Access to Universal Class and adult education in Powhatan.
Genealogy and local history

Genealogy & Local History

Access to LVA's digital records and resources, scans of select PHS yearbooks, and the Social History Project from VCU. 
Language Learning

Language Learning

Online resources for English-speakers learning a new language or for learning English as a second language. 
Senior Resources

Resources for 65+

Links to Virginia and local resources and services for adults aged 65+, their caregivers and families.

Encyclopedias and research

Student Research

Research resources for elementary to high school students of relevant and reliable content from Ebsco and Gale. World Book provides an immersive early childhood digital resource.
Veteran Resources

Veteran Resources

Hotlines and online resources for housing, employment, health, counseling, and charities all for US veterans, their caregivers and families.