Agricultural & Forestal District Program

The Agricultural and Forestal Act of the Commonwealth of Virginia allows landowners in Powhatan County special protections and tax benefits.  To get these benefits you must be part of an Agricultural & Forestal District, known as an AFD.

If your rural area is eligible, you can join a community AFD and take advantage of all the following benefits.

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Powhatan's Agricultural ad Forestal Districts (AFDs) are part of the "Natural and Cultural Resources" chapter (7) of the Powhatan County Comprehensive Plan. 

The County formally recognizes these rural areas as valuable economic and environmental resources for all. There is value in all three programs listed below. Find which one fists your specific situation best. 

Land Use, AFD, CE

Agricultural & Forestal District (AFD) Advisory Committee 

  • For more information about the AFD Advisory Committee click HERE
AFD pics
AFD map and comparison

Next Steps

AFDs are all about community cooperation. 

  • If you are adjacent to a current AFD, you can ask your neighbors to join theirs.
  • If you are not, you need to start a new AFD, which requires a combined minimum of 200 acres among adjacent landowners who want to keep Powhatan rural. 

AFD Advisory Committee

For more information click HERE.

AFD Application

Please find the 'AFD Application Fillable Form' on page, click HERE.

For More Information

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