Athletics & Parks Information


Athletic Fields

We offer 2 parks, 8 trails, 27 fields, 2 outdoor basketball courts, 6 pickleball courts, 1 gym, 1 classroom, 1 disc golf course, and 1 playground to meet the counties recreational needs.


  • Village Park - 3825 Marion Harlan Lane
  • Fighting Creek Park - 2201 Mann Road

Concession Building


  • Fighting Creek Park offers gravel walking paths that cover up to two and a half miles! 
  • Future Development - Trail between FCP and Schools



Athletic Field usage is weather dependent. In the event of inclement weather you can check the status of the fields by calling the Athletic Fields Hotline at 804-598-1304. (Field status' updated by 4 p.m.)

TypeCost Rate
PLC Gym$50 Mon-Fri | $75 Sat-Sun (per hour)
$100 Tournaments/Camps (daily, per field)
PLC Training Room$35 Mon-Fri | $60 Sat-Sun (per hour)
PLC Pickleball Court$25 practices | $50 games (per 2 hours)
$100 Tournaments/Camps (daily, per court)
Baseball Fields$25 practices | $50 games (per 2 hours)
$100 Tournaments/Camps (daily, per field)
Softball Fields$25 practices | $50 games (per 2 hours)
$100 Tournaments/Camps (daily, per field)
Soccer Fields$25 practices | $50 games (per 2 hours)
$100 Tournaments/Camps (daily, per field)
Multi-Use Fields$25 practices | $50 games
$100 Tournaments/Camps (daily, per field)

Field Policies: 

  • No Dogs are permitted at the Fields unless they are service dogs that are designated as such. (Dogs are allowed on the Trails at Fighting Creek Park but must be on a leash.)
  • No Scooters, Roller Skates/Blades, Skateboards, or Bicycles are permitted on the sidewalks or areas adjacent to the concession stands. Motorized scooters and mechanized equipment necessary for the mobility of disabled persons are permissible.
  • All Portable Grills are prohibited. Charcoal pits are available at the picnic shelters by the playground. Burning of kindling or wood is also prohibited.
  • The use of alcoholic beverages on County property is prohibited.
  • Soft toss against field fences and buildings is strictly prohibited. Teams and individuals may utilize batting cages or bring their own soft toss nets.
  • In the event of Lightning during an activity, all persons on the property must retreat to their vehicles or move inside of a nearby building. Congregating in or around the dugouts or under pavilions is prohibited when Lightning is present.