Commonwealth's Attorney


This office prosecutes felony and misdemeanor criminal cases in:

  • Powhatan Circuit Court
  • Powhatan General District Court
  • Powhatan Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court


Rob Cerullo is the elected Commonwealth's Attorney for Powhatan County. His office consists of a full-time Deputy Commonwealth's Attorney and a full-time Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney, as well as a full-time Administrative Assistant.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can I talk to a Commonwealth’s Attorney about my criminal charges? If you have an attorney representing you, then Virginia Ethical Rules do not permit prosecutors to discuss criminal charges with a defendant. However, if you are not represented, then you can discuss your case with the prosecuting attorney.
  • Can the Commonwealth’s Attorney give me advice about my divorce, child custody battle or an estate issue? No, the Commonwealth’s Attorney represents the Commonwealth of Virginia by prosecuting criminal matters.  Contact Virginia Lawyer Referral Service with the State Bar at 804-775-0808.
  • I want to press charges against someone, or I think I may have been criminally wronged, can the Commonwealth’s Attorney help me? All potential criminal matters should be thoroughly investigated by the Powhatan Sheriff’s Office. Contact the non-emergency number to be referred to an officer who can obtain all the evidence. 804-598-5656.
  • I want to get my gun rights or my driving privileges restored, can the Commonwealth’s Attorney guide me? No, please start by filing the appropriate petition with the Powhatan Circuit Court Clerk’s office. Those petitions and other civil forms can be found at After the petition is filed, you or your lawyer may contact the Commonwealth’s Attorney to schedule your hearing.
  • I’m a witness in a criminal matter, can I speak with the prosecutor assigned to the case? Yes, feel free to call and discuss the case and what is expected of you as a witness.
  • If you are a witness or a victim of a crime and need resources to get reimbursement from out of pocket medical expenses or want support throughout the judicial process, contact the Victim/Witness Coordinator at 804-598-5699.