Social Services

The Department of Social Services helps citizens triumph over poverty, abuse and neglect to create strong futures for themselves, their families and our community.

Complex Programs

We administer several complex programs which have significant impact on some of our most needy and vulnerable citizens. Included are economic assistance benefits such as temporary assistance to needy families, SNAP (food stamps) and Medicaid, and service programs such as protective services for children and elderly or disabled adults, foster care, family services and adoptions.

State & Federal Sources

99% of the assistance benefits provided to Powhatan citizens, and 3/4 of our Department’s operating costs, come from State and Federal sources. These monies coming into our community create a positive economic impact of several million dollars every year.

Our Mission

We provide solution focused competency based social services that promote enhanced quality of life through:
  • Benefit programs to support adequate and appropriate food, clothing, shelter and health care,
  • Protective and preventive services to reduce harm and exploitation of children and vulnerable adults,
  • Client and family services to enhance independence, responsibility and self-determination, and
  • A balanced, affirming, respectful and challenging professional environment for the delivery of these services.

Our Vision

  • We will consistently deliver the highest quality social services in the highest quality professional environment.
  • We will continuously create an innovative helping agency where those who provide services are proud of their work and those who receive services can identify specific positive outcomes.
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