Domestic Violence

If you are in need of domestic violence support or resources and it is after hours you can call the Virginia Domestic and Sexual Violence Hotline at 800-838-8238 (24hours/day).

Raise Awareness
Whether you know it or not, some of the people in your life may be facing violence at home - maybe a friend, a co-worker, or even a family member. For many reasons, it is often hard for victims to acknowledge they are being abused by the persons who are supposed to love them.

Join us in raising awareness about sexual violence by wearing teal during April as a unifying symbol of support to survivors in our community and of our dedication to prevent future violence. For more information, visit the Sexual Assault Awareness Month online resource.

Internet Safety
If you are currently being stalked or abused it may not be safe to view this page. Your abuser can track your online actions and there is nothing you can do to remove your tracks completely. If you try to erase your tracks, your abuser might become suspicious.

If you think you might be in danger we suggest that you use a computer at a public library or a trusted friend’s computer. If your abuser sends you email, do not open it on your friend's computer.

For more information on Internet Safety, visit Stop Family Violence

Access this weather site if your abuser enters the room while you are viewing this website.  It will close this website and redirect your browser to a neutral page.

Overall Mission
Our overall mission is to provide support, advocacy and education for victims and survivors of intimate partner and family violence, and to empower them (and their children) to create a life that is safe, healthy and free of violence. 

Social Media
We can be found on Facebook as Powhatan Domestic Violence Services and on Twitter as @PowhatanDV.