Victim / Witness Assistance

Sheriff's Message About The Program
If you have been the victim of a crime or a witness to a crime, your help is needed to bring to justice those who committed the crime. If you are willing to help by giving information and testifying in court, the chances of arresting and convicting the perpetrator are significantly improved.

Difficulties in the Process
It may be very difficult for you to have to appear in court, or to deal with the complexities or our criminal justice system. You may need assistance in dealing with the process emotionally, financially, and in other ways.

Program Assistance
The Powhatan County Sheriff's Office has established a Victim/Witness Assistance Program to make this process easier for you. Our Victim/Witness Director is here to assist you through the whole process. She will:
  • Advise you of your rights
  • Explain matters which you may not understand
  • Inform you of the status of your case
  • Let you know what resources are available to help you
  • Make sure you are informed if and when the perpetrator is paroled
  • Provide you with information regarding appeals
With your cooperation, Powhatan County can be a much safer and better place in which to live. Together we can make a difference.

Bradford W. Nunnally
Powhatan County

Contacting the Program
Call the Victim/Witness Program for any of the following reasons:
  • You need to verify your court date or need follow-up information regarding the status of your case.
  • You would like an explanation of court procedures and the Criminal Justice process as it relates to your case.
  • You would like to have assistance while preparing your Victim Impact Statement.
  • You have questions about your role as a witness.
  • You have questions about the Criminal Inquiries Fund and need assistance with preparing your application, or have questions regarding your ongoing claim.
  • You need employer intercession services.
  • You would like a tour of the courtroom prior to your attending court.
  • You have received threats from the offender or anyone else.
  • You wish to be notified of a convicted offender's release.
  • You move or change your home and/or work phone numbers.
  • You need a referral to agencies that provide emergency, psychological, medical and/or financial assistance to crime victims.
  • Your personal property is being held as evidence and you want to know when you can recover it.
  • You are not receiving restitution payments that were ordered by the court.
  • You would like for someone to escort you to court and provide emotional support.
  • You need assistance with obtaining reimbursement for travel expenses relating to court appearances if you are an out-of-town victim and/or witness.