Emergency Information

Electric Service Areas
The following maps and information show which company provides electric service in areas of Powhatan County, as well as Dominion Power and Southside Electric’s outage maps that show outages and, in some cases, the estimated time of restoration.
Prepping For Emergency
Dominion Virginia Power encourages customers across its service area to prepare now for possible power outages as heavy rains and winds move through the area over the next several days. Crews are gathering equipment, double-checking bucket trucks and other vehicles to ensure they are stocked with materials, and making preparations to ensure a safe and rapid response during restoration.

How Customers Can Prepare
Customers can prepare now by doing the following:
  • Be sure your phone number is up to date on your account. You can update the number online through Manage Your Account or by calling our phone number update line at 800-222-0401.
  • Bookmark Dominion on your mobile device so you can quickly report an outage if necessary.
  • Put together an emergency preparedness kit with needed supplies such as flashlights, water, medicines, portable radios, extra batteries and non-perishable goods.
Things to Do After the Storm
After the storms pass, remember to:
  • Report or check the status of your power outage using your smartphone and visiting the Dominion website or by calling 866-DOM-HELP (866-366-4357).
  • If you see a downed wire that presents an eminent threat to life or property, call 911 first.
  • All downed wires should be considered dangerous-stay at least 30’ away. Be sure to report any downed wires you see by calling 866-DOM-HELP. Wire down calls will be directed to a representative so that we may gather details about the condition and location of the wire. Crews will mark the wire to identify it:
    • Yellow tape if it is electrical wire
    • Orange tape if it belongs to another utility
Safety & Emergency Resources