Juror Information

To fill out your jury questionnaire online please visit: 

Powhatan County Circuit Court Juror Portal (state.va.us)

Jury Service is a civic duty that citizens of the County of Powhatan are called upon at random to do. Jurors play a vital role in the outcome of various cases that come before the Circuit Court of Powhatan. 

Jurors that have been selected for a particular trial should confirm there service and appearance one business day prior to the trial by calling the Powhatan Circuit Court at (804) 598-5660. 

Due to the nature of the cases, some cases may not take place. For updates on jury trials, please check the front page for any changes. 
There are certain circumstances where your jury duty may be moved to another term. This decision lies with the Judge of Powhatan Circuit Court and not with the Powhatan Circuit Court Clerk's Office. The judge is the only person that has the authority to release a juror from jury duty. Should there be a reason you cannot serve as a juror, you may fill out this form within 7 days of the scheduled jury trial for consideration by the judge.