Dog Licenses

              Per legislation (3.2-6529: Code of Virginia), a dog tag must be purchased within 90 days of getting your pet’s rabies shot. If the dog remains current with their rabies vaccination, the dog tags must be purchased on an annual basis, no later than January 31st of each year. Licenses are available for purchase year-round, beginning November 1st for the following year. Animal Control will be notified of all owners in posses­sion of a vaccinated animal that are without a current license. ****Citizens must present a valid rabies certificate in order to purchase the tag, as they are not kept on file****

  • Male/Female:            $10.00
  • Spayed/Neutered:   $7.00
  • Dangerous Dog:       $100.00
  • Wolf Hybrid:               $50.00
  • Duplicate Tag:          $1.00
  • Kennel (5+ Dogs):   $50.00
    • In order to purchase a Kennel License, you must fill out an application with the Planning/Zoning Department prior to purchase. The property where you wish to keep the animals must be zoned as Agricultural. If zoned as Residential, the property must have an area of at least 2 acres or a conditional use permit will be required for the kennel.