County Meetings and Workshop Videos On Demand

All meetings held in the Village Building auditorium are recorded on video. All video recordings can be found on our Youtube channel as well our Archived Videos page. 

04/03/2018 Planning Commission Regular Meeting

03/26/2018 Board of Supervisors Regular Meeting

03/19/2018 Board of Supervisors Special Meeting 

03/06/2018 Planning Commission Meeting

02/26/2018 Board of Supervisors Meeting 

02/06/2018 Planning Commission Meeting

01/18/2018 Board of Supervisors Special Meeting

01/16/2018 Planning Commission Meeting

01/08/2018 Board of Supervisors Special Meeting

12/18/2017 Board of Supervisors Meeting 

12/5/217 Planning Commission Meeting 

12/4/2017 Joint Board of Supervisors and School Board Meeting

11/27/2017 Board of Supervisors Meeting

11/8/2017 Planning Commission Meeting

10-23-17 BOS Regular Meeting

10-3-17 Planning Commission Meeting

9-25-17 BOS Regular Meeting

9-18-17 Joint BOS and School Board Meeting

9-5-17 Planning Commission Meeting

8-28-17 BOS Regular Meeting

8-1-17 Planning Commission Meeting

7-24-17 BOS Regular Meeting

7-11-17 Planning Commission Meeting

6-26-17 BOS Regular Meeting

5-22-17 BOS Regular Meeting

5-2-17 Planning Commission Meeting

4-24-17 BOS Regular Meeting

4-17-17 BOS Regular Meeting

3-27-17 BOS Regular Meeting

3-22-17 Joint BOS and School Board Budget Workshop

3-7-17 Planning Commission

2-27-17 BOS Regular Meeting

2-21-17 BOS Special Meeting

1-23-17 BOS Regular Meeting

1-3-17 Planning Commission Meeting