Advisory Council / Senior Connections (CAAA)

Regular Meetings
  • 2 p.m.
  • Quarterly: July, October, February
  • Senior Connections
    24 East Cary Street
    Richmond, VA
Joint Meetings
The Council meets jointly with the Board of Directors for that Agency’s Annual Meeting and Open House on the 4th Tuesday in May. Meetings last for about 2 hours or less depending on the agenda.

  • Carol Young, Chairman
  • Bob Miller, First Vice-Chair
  • Charles Barker, Second Vice-Chair
Composition & Term
  • This is an Advisory Council with up to 20 members.
  • Members are appointed for 3-year terms and may serve additional terms indefinitely with approval of the Board of Directors. A term ends on June 30.
  • Local governments may appoint 2 members of their choice.

Mission & Vision
Council members are asked to contribute their areas of expertise in helping to carry out the Agency’s vision and mission:

  • Vision: Seniors with improved quality of life
  • Mission: Empowering seniors to live with dignity and choice
The Advisory Council is charged by the Older Americans Act with the following responsibilities:
  • To represent the interests of older adults, caregivers and provider organizations
  • To review and comment on issues, policies and programs that impact older citizens and the communities in which they reside with a focus on maximum coordination and collaboration
  • To assist with the development and update of the Region’s Four Year Plan for Aging Services
  • To provide input for the development of the Agency’s Strategic Plan (2012-2017)
  • To recommend special projects and studies that address the needs of older adults, people with disabilities and caregivers