Land Use Deferral

Pursuant to section 58.1-3234 of the Code of Virginia, the Commissioner of the Revenue’s Office will be accepting applications for the Powhatan County Land-Use Deferral Program beginning September 1 and ending November 1.


Per Powhatan County code Section 70-76, the purpose of land use is to "preserve real estate devoted to agricultural, horticultural, forest and open space uses within its boundaries in the public interest...."  Powhatan County adopted this ordinance in 1976.

This program offers a deferral of a portion of the real estate taxes for qualifying properties. Approximately 40% of the County is in land use.

Land Size

There is a minimum of 5 acres for agriculture property and 20 acres for timber.

More Information

For more information, please contact the Assessor’s Office at 804-598-3752.

Land Use Forms & Information