About Us

Our Mission: To enrich and preserve the quality of life for Powhatan County residents and visitors

Powhatan prides itself on being a small, rural community. Our mission as a Parks & Rec Department is to meet the recreational needs of county residents to make Powhatan a fun place to live/work and highlight the natural beauty and recreational assets of the county to intrigue visitors to view Powhatan as a great place to play.

Our Vision: To be an inspiring Parks & Recreation Department

Our goal is to put Powhatan Parks & Rec on the map as an award winning department. We want other small departments to look to Powhatan's parks, facilities, and programs for inspiration.

Our Goals: To increase tourism, build quality programs, and expand facilities, parks, trails, and fields

Our goals were developed from the Board of Supervisors influence and from feedback in the 2019 County Needs Assessment.

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The History of Fighting Creek Park

Future CIP

Capital improvement plans - fy24 requests