Impounded Animals

Hold Times

  • An animal that comes to our facility with no identification will be held for no less than 5 days.
  • An animal with any kind of identification will be held for no less than 10 days.

Unclaimed Animals

If an animal remains unclaimed after the mandatory hold time, the animal will become property of Powhatan County and may be put up for adoption, rescue, or otherwise disposed of in accordance with state law.


If an owner fails to pick up their animal within 10 days after being notified, they will be criminally charged with abandonment and assessed any fees that occurred during confinement, including but not limited to veterinarian care.

Confinement Costs

  • Confinement is $30.00 the first day, and $10.00 each following day.
  • The confinement fee after the fourth time being picked up is $50.00 first day and $10.00 each following day.