Parks & Recreation Advisory Commission

Mission Statement

Consult with and serve as an advisory commission to the County Administrator, Board of Supervisors, and the Citizens of the community; for the purpose of planning, sustaining, and improving parks and recreational facilities throughout the County.


The Parks & Recreation Advisory Commission shall be formed in order to advise the County Administrator and the Board of Supervisors on development, funding, programming, land acquisition, and maintenance related to Parks and Recreation activities and facilities.

The Commission shall be composed of five (5) members appointed by the Powhatan County Board of Supervisors; additionally, ex-officio members shall include one representative from the Powhatan County Schools (non-voting), one teen representative selected by the Powhatan County Schools (non-voting), and one representative from the Powhatan Parks and Recreation Department (non-voting). The secretary of the Commission shall be the Director of Public Works or designated representative. All appointment must be residents of Powhatan County. Appointed members shall serve a two-year term, or until a successor is appointed. Ex-officio members shall serve until a replacement is named or the incumbent vacates the seat due to absenteeism. 

Appointments will follow the below schedule:

District 1, 3, 5 Supervisor Nomination - Odd years beginning 2023

District 2, 4 Supervisor Nomination - Even years beginning 2022

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Judy Cain-Oliver, Chairman District 5

Judy Cain Oliver, PRAC Chair

Gregory Davis, Vice-Chair District 1

Greg Davis photo

Alex Higgins, District 2

Alex Higgins photo

Frank Flannagan, District 3 

Frank Flannagan photo

Josh Cabaniss, District 4


Additional Members:

Bob Benway, Powhatan County School District

Robert Powers, Powhatan County Board of Supervisors, District 3

Megan Heatwole, Powhatan County Parks and Recreation