J. Sergeant Reynolds Community College Board

Regular Meetings
  • Time designated by the Chair
  • The 1st Thursday of every month (at least 6 times a year)
  • Meetings alternate between the following locations:
    • Downtown Campus
    • Parham Road Campus
    • Western Campus
  • The maximum number of persons on the College Board shall not exceed 15.
  • The City of Richmond and the County of Henrico shall have 5 representatives each, while the County of Hanover shall have 2 representatives, and the Counties of Goochland, Louisa and Powhatan shall have 1 representative each.
  • The members shall be residents of the region to be served by the community college and shall include persons from various businesses, industries, and professions.
  • No elected members of a local governing body shall be eligible to serve on the College Board.
  • All members of the College Board shall be deemed members at large charged with the responsibility of serving the best interests of the whole region being served by the community college. Code of Virginia 23-214.
  • Members shall be appointed for a term of 4 years.
  • No person having served on the College Board for 2 successive 4-year terms shall be eligible for reappointment. After 2 years off the Board, they may serve 2 additional successive terms.
  • Failure to attend 3 or more meetings of the College Board in a 1-year period may constitute cause for the removal and replacement of a member, with the community college board making this determination.
  • The College Board shall notify the appropriate sponsoring political subdivision of the need for a replacement.
The College Board shall assist in ascertaining educational needs and enlisting community involvement and support. The Board is responsible for assuring the community college is responsive to the needs existing within its service region within the statewide policies, procedures, and regulations of the State Board.