Piedmont Court Services / Criminal Justice Board

Regular Meetings
The board meets quarterly and meeting locations vary throughout the region. Notification of upcoming meetings is handled by Piedmont Court Services.


The total board consists of:
  • Commonwealth attorneys
  • County administrators
  • Elected officials
  • Judges
  • Magistrates
  • Regional jail administrators
  • Sheriffs
  • Other members specifically involved in local law enforcement or administration of the locality from the 8 localities that participate in Piedmont Court Services
  • The CCJB is composed of additional positions entitled “Additional Appointees Representing Governing Bodies.” The Board of Supervisors has appointed the sheriff and the county administrator to serve on this Board.
  • Powhatan County currently has 2 members on the 18-member Community Criminal Justice Board/Piedmont Court Services, for which the staff of 7 Probation Officers and 1 Director supervises felon and misdemeanant cases.
The terms are unlimited.
Counties Served
  • Amelia
  • Buckingham
  • Charlotte
  • Cumberland

  • Lunenburg
  • Nottoway
  • Powhatan
  • Prince Edward
Piedmont Court Services is an agency dedicated to:
  • Assisting the courts in managing offenders by utilizing evidence-based practices and principles
  • Enhancing public safety
  • Establishing collaborative community partnerships in order to promote offender self-efficacy and to reduce recidivism
  • Promoting lawful and productive lifestyles among offenders
  • Reducing crime
  • Reinforcing offender accountability
The mission of the Board is to:
  • Have greater flexibility and involvement in responding to the problem of crime in its communities
  • Provide more effective protection of society
  • Promote efficiency and economy in the delivery of correctional services
  • Provide an increased amount of opportunities and incentives for offenders to make restitution to victims of crimes through financial reimbursement or community service;
  • Operate and utilize programs and services specifically designed to meet the rehabilitative needs of selected offenders
  • Provide appropriate post-sentencing alternatives for certain offenders, with the goal of reducing the incidence of repeat offenders